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With the growing demand for stylists, Marie-Claude pursued her work in Calgary and Toronto, where she constantly renewed herself in order to meet her customers’ needs.

The Style Impeccable team is currently working in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver. They are responsible for advising individuals on their wardrobe needs, organizing conferences for national businesses and putting together fashion shows. Fashion remains a growing passion for Marie-Claude and her team who together have earned a loyal and growing clientele.


Our Mandate

Our stylists consist of a team of professionals who have been in the fashion industry for years and who continue to strive towards achieving a perfect style.

We excel at making our clients look good at all times, for any event, and in every situation. Our mandate is to follow your guidelines, getting you the perfect clothes, with preferred pricing. The ultimate goal is to have you looking and feeling great so you can project that perfect image.

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